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ComboS 2024-230/50 MIL Sealed,  2000VA

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One Unit - 3 functions: Charger, UPS, AC-Power

The Combo series are modular „building block” sinewave inverter/chargers that can be used for both small and large power systems. The inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system - DC to AC inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch. Additional inverter/chargers can be connected at any time in either parallel or in three-phase 230/400VAC configurations. This allows a system to be tailored to meet the specific power conversion requirements of the application, both at the time of the installation and in the future. The sinewave inverter is designed to survive harsh environments anywhere in the world. Conformal coated circuit boards, a powder coated die-cast aluminum chassis protects the unit‘s internal components from the environment, resisting water, dust and corrosion.


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